"The Pet Kool": A Specially Designed Pet Carrier Featuring an Integrated Cooling System

Invents introduces "The Pet Kool" which keeps beloved canine in air-conditioned comfort when briefly left in car during hot weather.

Attention to pet lovers! If one is traveling with a beloved four legged furbaby then chances are the danger of leaving an animal in a hot vehicle is something which is of concern. The dangers, should it be necessary to slip into a store for a quick purchase, while leaving the canine in the car is not for discussion. The Pet Kool is a specially designed pet carrier featuring an integrated cooling system powered by the vehicle battery. It is a portable, air-conditioned pet carrier with the design intent being to provide pet owners with a pet carrier which keeps the animal cool and comfortable should the dog need to be left in a warm or hot vehicle while owner is running errands or even during general traveling.

The Pet Kool looks like the traditional travel pet carrier but the difference is like the difference between number one and one million. It features a fiberglass framework over which breathable canvas walls are stretched. It boasts a domed roof that afford extra room. A flap-style access door encompasses the front of the carrier and provides egress for the animal. It has a sturdy closure to seal the door during use Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Pet Kool.

The Patent Pending Pet Kool was invented by Carol Davis of Victorville, CA who said, “The Pet Kool was designed for conscientious pet owners in order to ensure the comfort and safety of their furbaby when the animal is restrained within a pet carrier in a vehicle. Everyone knows how swiftly the temperature rises in a vehicle on hot summer days and it is just as dangerous for an animal as it is for a child. When using Pet Kool the pet owner can have peace of mind and run an errand away from the vehicle knowing the dog is safe and cool.”

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