"The Pet Water Bottle": Provides Fresh Water for Hot, Thirsty Dog on Long Walks

​The Pet Water Bottle is a specially designed, portable storage device in the shape of a water bottle, containing within, a reusable water bottle. Split lengthwise down the middle, one half of the bottle shaped casing would fold downward to create a pet water dish which can be filled by the contained water bottle. The design intent is to provide a practical means of providing dogs and other pets with replenishing water when out on walks, traveling, or otherwise on the go.

The Pet Water Bottle is comprised of two main components: the water bottle and the water reservoir made of heavy duty lightweight PBS-free plastic material. The water bottle itself is a cylindrical shaped receptacle sized to hold ½ liter of liquid with a narrow neck culminating in a removable, leak-proof threaded lid attached to the bottle via a sturdy plastic tether. The actual water receptacle/pet dish has a flat base that rests firmly on ground surface areas. The “bowl” of the receptacle is molded to abut flush against the water bottle lengthwise encompassing approximately ½ the water bottle when the bottle is stored within. A dedicated niche is located at one end of the unit inside of which the base of the water bottle is inserted and snap fitted into the receptacle for easy storage. To facilitate effortless transport of the Pet Water Bottle, a series of sturdy, spring loaded hook fasteners are positioned at either end of the water bottle and water dish with a fully adjustable strap fastener included for use in carrying the unit by hand. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pet Water Bottle.
The Patent Pending Pet Water Bottle was invented by Clarice Brown of Neptune, NJ who said, “This a convenient way to provide water for a pet when not at home, such as during long walks or exercising, particularly on hot days. It is a practical option and a sanitary way for your beloved canine to quench his/her thirst. It works.”

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