"The Phone Wall Holder": A Visually Appealing and Swift Way to Charge Electronic Products

Keeping our electronic products charged and quickly available can be a problem. Sometimes as one rushes out of the house, the phone or tablet can be forgotten. That will never happen when using this new device. The Phone Wall Holder offers consumers a handy and unique wall-mounted holder for smartphones or tablets to keep these devices – and their cords – safe and out of the way when charging. The unit cleverly resembles cell phone signal bars and is made in a vast array of colors. The design intent is to provide a trendy, wall mounted device holder which (for added length) can be endlessly combined with one another to accommodate as many cell phones and tablets as desired.

The rectangular Phone Wall Holder is fabricated in injection-molded thermoplastic with a slot or cradle along its bottom – which extends ½-inch outward from the wall and accommodates a smartphone or tablet computer. The Phone Wall Holder can be adhered to the wall with an adhesive backing or screwed in to be permanently attached. Along the outer lip of the bottom retaining slot is a series of three slots designed to hold the jack-ends of charging cords. The back of the holder lies flush against the wall and features a series of staggered slats or bars is made to resemble the signal bars of a phone or tablet resulting in a clean and elegant design. The Phone Wall Holder can be mounted individually or side by side with other Phone Wall Holders to accommodate a multitude of devices. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Phone Wall Holder. 
The Phone Wall Holder is Patent Pending and was invented by Artem Navasardyan, a freelance designer,  who said, “I have a prototype of the Phone Wall Holder and it works perfectly. The novel design sets it apart from other charging cords and yet keeps it visible without being obtrusive.”

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Source: Invents Company


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