"The Piddle Pedal": Winning the Battle of Germs With This Hands-Free Device in Toilets

Using a bathroom facility no longer is a daunting job for one’s hands when this new device is in place. The Piddle Pedal is a foot-pedal operated mechanism by which a toilet seat and cover can be lifted and lowered, without the need of touching and manually lifting and lowering the seat. The design intent of the Piddle Pedal which would also include a separate attachable accessory light for the toilet seat – is to provide consumers with a clean and hygienic means of lifting and lowering a toilet seat, and one which does so slowly and quietly.

The Piddle Pedal consists of a stable, secure base fastened to the floor beside the toilet either with peel-and-stick, adhesive-backed Velcro ® or with screws. This base will support a steel or aluminum foot-pedal which, when depressed, activates a hydraulic piston that rises from the base to a terminal ball-joint. The ball-joint at the end of the extendable piston will slide in a channel-bracket mounted to the underside of the toilet seat, raising the seat to its full-up position when the foot-pedal is depressed, and allowing the seat to slowly descend and return to its normal position when the foot-pedal is released. Further, a separate accessory for the Piddle Pedal – a battery-powered, LED light that snaps over the rim of the toilet seat, illuminating it. This light has a plunger-type switch so that the light is off when the toilet seat is down and is activated when the toilet seat is raised. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Piddle Pedal. 
The Piddle Pedal is Patent Pending and was invented by Gary Gambacorto of Freehold, NJ who said, “The fact that this is hands-free and pedal-operated makes it the perfect way for any user to raise and lower the toilet seat. Touching the bacterial “garden” is eliminated when the Piddle Pedal is in use. It works.”

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