"The Pier Fishing Pal": Provides Hands-Free Fishing While the Fish Becomes a Sure Catch

​Fishing is a favorite pastime of millions of Americans. Landing a big one is a constant quest for every fisherman. Fishing may be an ancient practice but it has provided important food for survival for years. Recreational fishing and commercialized fishing has been in practice for many years and the techniques and tactics for catching fish are varied. The Pier Fishing Pal is an easy-to-use fishing-rod holder designed specifically for use on private, public and commercial fishing piers. It is non-marring and easily fastened to the pier railing for convenient, hands-free fishing. The Pier Fishing Pal holds the angler’s rod securely and accessibly during the waiting phase before a fish strikes and during the retrieval or resting phase when a fish is finally caught.

The Pier Fishing Pal is an aluminum pole 16’L x 1½” in diameter. Welded to the Pal is a bracket approximately 10’ long.  The bottom portion of the bracket is designed to fit snugly on the bottom lip of the pier railing and the top is designed to fit snugly over the top edge with the top portion firmly and securely in place. When fastened in place on the rail, the top of the pole abuts the edge of the railing top cap and extends above it. The fishing pole or rod slides into the Pier Fishing Pal pole and remains in place throughout the fishing process, even when a fish has been caught. A small locking device in the rod serves to keep the pole firmly in place. A rubber dot style pad securely grips it and prevents slippage and marring. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pier Fishing Pal.

The Patent Pending Pier Fishing Pal was invented by David Wayne of Ventura, CA who said, “Until one has faced a similar problem related to fishing from a pier, the Pier Fishing Pal might not be attractive. However, I got so tired of kicking my pole over and tying my pole to the pier that I designed this product to aid in my fishing pleasure. The Pier Fishing Pal works perfectly and solves all my problems when fishing on the pier.” 

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