"The Pizza Deck": Use Over Charcoal or Wood Fire on a Kettle-Style Grill

​Everyone enjoys a delicious pizza. This is particularly true for pizzas that can be fixed outdoors on the grill. Sounds impossible? Perhaps but that is not the case if the chef is using the new Pizza Deck. The Pizza Deck is a portable cooking surface that is specially designed to bake a homemade or frozen pizza on a coal or wood fire, kettle-style grill. The design intent is to provide a simple and effective way for outdoor aficionados to create and prepare delicious pizzas outdoors on the grill without the need to cook inside, or rely on overpriced pizza delivery.

The Pizza Deck is fabricated of a conductive flat steel and has a raised platform that is essentially circular in shape.This unit can also be sized to fit any size kettle style grill. It is vented to allow heat to rise and to evenly envelop the food, the Pizza Deck also features a front slot for both heat separation and to serve as a handle. In addition, support brackets will support the pizza deck, as well as act as a securing mechanism for the riser to the base of a grill. The Pizza Deck is primarily designed for use in conjunction with coal or wood kettle grills; this allows the unit to transform into a makeshift “wood-oven” pizza maker. There are many advantages to wood-oven pizza that renders the Pizza Deck a much-appreciated grilling accessory.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pizza Deck.
The Patent Pending Pizza Deck was invented by Thomas Cochrane of Naperville, IL who said, “The Pizza Deck provides a convenient and cost effective way to bring this universal family favorite and the tradition of pizza making with you wherever you grill. It is perfect for making personalized Artisan pizza from scratch but works equally well with frozen pizza.”

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