"The Pneumatic Bath Assist": A Specially Designed Assistive Lift System

"The Pneumatic Bath Assist" offers the ability to independently bathe without needing help in and out of tub.

Attention elderly and/or disabled! Here is a way that will aid getting into and out of the bathtub without calling for help from another family or household member, including perhaps a caregiver. The Pneumatic Bath Assist is a specially designed assistive lift system comprised of an electrically powered, inflatable, yet rigid, seat connected to an air pump with the device configured to be easily installed in any existing bath tub. The design intent of the Pneumatic Bath Assist is to provide consumers, particularly those who suffer from varying degrees of limited mobility with a safe and comfortable means of lowering themselves into a bath and out of the bath tub.

The seat features an integrated air pump that enables the user to raise or lower it on demand. The Pneumatic Bath Assist seat is made of heavy duty puncture resistant material such as soft rubber, vinyl or comparable waterproof fabric similar to that used in air beds. As an added convenience a portable waterproof remote control unit is included for use and can be utilized to activate the air pump and control the height and air distribution of the seat. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the seat.

The Patent Pending Pneumatic Bath Assist was invented by Elizabeth Paczkowski of Tewksbury, MA who said, “Anyone with mobility problems can easily enter and exit a bathtub without putting unnecessary strain on the body. It serves to assist the caregivers when aiding a patient during a shower or bath as well. It fosters a sense of independence and self sufficiency in patients who want to be able to care for themselves during personal grooming exercises. It works.”

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