"The Portable Abdominal Machine": Designed Specifically for Abdominal Workouts

Invents unveils "The Portable Abdominal Machine" which is exercise equipment that is easy-to-move and easy-to-use for the abs.

​Exercise equipment can become difficult to decide on, due to the different types of options on the market. If you are interested in maintaining or improving your abdominal muscles, the Portable Abdominal Machine is the answer. This machine has been designed specifically for your abdominal workout, while providing you with the ability to carry around with you anywhere. It folds into compact size which you to store efficiently and/or transport with ease.  This design provides the consumer with a machine that keeps them off the ground while working out the abdominal area.  This can be done practically anywhere.
The Portable Abdominal Machine is fabricated of high-grade aluminum which can fold into a rectangular case-like unit.  This allows it to fit in your closet, under your bed, under your sofa, etc. without taking up too much space.  It can be transported by almost anyone in its carrying case. It provides a complete and easy workout for those on the GO. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Portable Abdominal Machine.
The Patent Pending Portable Abdominal Machine was invented by William Orellana and Olman Martinez of Van Nuys, CA who said, “This product allows the user to engage in physical activity whenever and wherever desired.  It transforms into a fully functional abdominal bench that allows toning of the body without needing a bulky exercise machine. It is user-friendly and perfect for the experienced fitness aficionados. It works.”

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