"The Portable Transportation Strap": Protection While on a Bus or Train

​The Portable Transportation Strap is a protective and supportive strap designed for use when traveling by bus or train. It is meant to provide a unique yet practical way in which to avoid placing your bare hands on the support poles on public transportation vehicles, preventing the spread of germs. The strap will be a protective sheath that you can carry onto any bus or train and instantly secure it to the support tubing so you can remain stable, and without having to touch the poles with your bare hands. The Portable Transportation Straps will be made of a combination of weather resistant nylon and foam rubber padding materials. The hand grip will be padded with memory foam material, and will be secured by the strap with Velcro and magnets.

The Portable Transportation Strap will give you a simple but effective means of avoiding direct contact with heavily handled surfaces on public transportation. The attractive sheathe will form a barrier between the hands and support poles, eliminating the spread of germs and bacteria. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Portable Transportation Strap.

The Patent Pending Portable Transportation Strap was invented by Miguel Diaz of New Rochelle, NY who said, “This is like the old handles that used to be on buses that you don't see anymore. It will make it much easier to hold on while standing on a bus or train and protect you from germs also. It works perfectly!”

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