"The Power Ride on Tracks": An Easier Way to Get Along With Your Scooter

​The Power Ride On Tracks is an improvement to motorized wheelchairs and  scooters that replaces the wheels with an all-terrain track system. It is designed to provide users of these chairs with an easier means of navigating difficult areas and uneven terrain. The Power Ride On Tracks can be integrated on wheelchairs and scooters when being manufactured or as an aftermarket upgrade to existing units. This all terrain system will essentially transform the chair into a hybrid of a tank and a wheelchair, as the track system resembles the tread found on tanks.

The Power Ride On Tracks is able to traverse virtually any terrain with barely a pause with the common wheels being replaced with a track system that resembles a tank tread. It can glide easily over snow or sand, or other hard to maneuver conditions. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Power Ride On Tracks.

The Patent Pending Power Ride On Tracks was invented by McKennie Tyler of Chicago, IL who    said, “I wanted there to be an easier way to board trains, buses, and elevators with ease. The Power Ride On Tracks will glide right over train tracks at public transportation areas. It works just as designed for every user.”

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