"The Power Strap": Keeps Club in Golfer's Hands During Power Swing

Attention golfers!  Here is an accessory that you may have always wanted. The Power Strap is an assistive device that is specially designed to secure a golf club in the hand to prevent the club from flying out while taking a powerful swing. The Power Strap is comprised of an easily attached stretchable strap produced in various lengths and colors. The design intent is to provide golfers with support for their hands enabling the golfer to have a more controlled swing, thus resulting in a longer and more accurate shot. It works equally for either a right or left-handed golfer.

The Power Strap solves a problem many golfers are faced with following a powerful swing—and, that is watching the club go sailing off across the fairway. Not only does this ruin the shot, but it takes precious time away from play when one must retrieve his/her golf club after each shot. This device secures the club to the hand with a lightweight, flat, pliable unit offered in strap form and both ends of the unit has a durable loop which serves as a means of security.  As such, one simply wraps one end over the top of the golf club, passing over the hand and fitting the loop between the thumb and index finger. The opposite end of The Power Trap is wrapped over the end of the club giving the user a firm, secure grip.  The Power Strap is available in 6”, 8” and 9” versions. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Power Strap.
The Power Strap is Patent Pending and was invented by James Alkins of Fresh Meadows, NY who said, “Golf clubs are costly and caring for them properly during the game is just as important as after the game. The Power Strap offers a means of control that is often missing in even the best of players. It ends anxiety and frustration and should be and is accessible whenever a golfer feels it is needed. Better yet, with larger loops, the Power Strap can also be used to support Tennis, Badminton or Lacrosse. The Power Strap works.”

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