"The Produce Washer": Provides Clean Green and Leafy Vegetables With Ease

​The preference of numerous consumers in their home kitchen remains to wash their own green and leafy vegetables rather than purchase the ones that are advertised as pre-washed in the marketplace. Here is a new product that makes this job easier than ever before. The Produce Washer is a self-contained accessory specially designed to facilitate a more vigorous cleansing of leafy green produce in a swift and simple manner. An enclosed receptacle allows for simple yet ample agitation and drainage, the Produce Washer rids food of all particles with only a few hearty shakes of the unit, thus offering a simple, fast, and effective means of cleaning and preparing nutritious, healthy, and delicious greens
The Produce Washer eliminates the sand, dirt or grit off loose produce such as greens with simple shakes of the unit.  It made of durable plastic, oval and has a one gallon capacity. The unit would possess a product tightly closed while in use. The interior would offer a copious one gallon capacity to accommodate an assortment of greens as well as a enough water. The Produce Washer has a convenient handle for shaking it; in addition, one end of the unit offers a small, capped egress port with filter screen for drainage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Produce Washer.
The Patent Pending Produce Washer was invented by Christophe Adams of Oak Park, IL who said, “This device works equally well in restaurants because it is convenient and a quick way to cleanse green and leafy vegetables. The home cook will appreciate the convenience too. I am a paraplegic and can attest to the fact that overall, it works perfectly.”

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