"The Puppy Pooper Pail & Puppy Pooper Purse": A Sanitary Method Of Collecting Pet Waste

"The Puppy Pooper Pail & Puppy Pooper Purse" is discreet, neat, odorless and fixes the problem of dog poop pickup & disposal.

Alert for pet owners everywhere! Every dog owner knows that the job of dog walking includes picking up the poop. So, walking a dog can be both a fun exercise and a rather stinky job. The new Puppy Pooper Pail & Puppy Pooper Purse is designed to neatly, discreetly and conveniently store, carry and dispose of dog poop. The design intent of the product is to provide the dog owner/walker with a sanitary method of collecting pet waste as opposed to using disposable baggies only, discreetly containing the bagged waste via the top door of the scented Puppy Pooper Pail or Puppy Pooper Purse, and easily disposing the waste through the second door located at the bottom of the collection pail or purse.

The pail and purse have a hinged top and bottom which are closed with an elastic loop band anchored on the outside of the container with a decorative clasp. Plastic bags designed for the product are used to pick up the poop and dropped inside closing the top lid/door. They will come in three sizes and different colors. When finished with the walk the owner simply holds the container over a garbage can, unclasps the loop band and drops the bag into the can. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Puppy Pooper Pail & Puppy Pooper Purse.

The Patent Pending Puppy Pooper Pail & Puppy Pooper Purse was invented by Lauren Cooper of Newark, NJ who said, “The containers are shaped like a trapezoid for female walkers and a pail for male walkers. The containers are sealed to not allow odors to permeate the container and eliminates the embarrassment and odor of holding a plain bag of pet waste while walking down the street or stopping for a conversation with a friend or neighbor. Not only is the dog happy but so is the walker!”

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