"The Purse Protector": A Specifically Designed Security Fastener

Invents introduces "The Purse Protector" which securely holds handbags, briefcases. laptop bags, camera cases and other carryalls—thus preventing theft.

​Safe travel is important for the well-being of everyone; but females who forget to be aware of the atmosphere around them are more apt to be targets for thieves. Carrying a shoulder bag on a daily basis is usually easy, however, the potential for theft is even easier. The Purse Protector is a specifically designed security fastener boasting an integrated ergonomic sliding shoulder pad. The design intent is to provide females with a practical method of securing the handbag's straps around the shoulder and neck, thus effectively preventing theft while affording optimal comfort. Additionally, it prevents the annoying problem of the purse constantly sliding off the users shoulder.

The Purse Protector can also be utilized by male consumers to secure briefcases, computer laptops, camera cases and other carryalls; so it is ideal for use by both males and females. The chain's links allow versatility to fit any sized user. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Purse Protector.

The Patent Pending Purse Protector was invented by Angela Smith of Port Washington, NY who said, “When traveling it is important to be aware of one's surroundings. Actually,it is important all the time because females in particular can be vulnerable. The Purse Protector works perfectly and is a practical means of preventing thieves from snatching a shoulder bag.”

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