The Purse Scription For Multiple Medications

For multiple medications, use the new Purse Scriptions — an easy, hassle-free way to store, organize and manage multiple medications.

For many, taking multiple prescription or over-the-counter medications is a way of life. This situation can lead to confusion, missed dosage or even over-dosage. Organizing daily medications will help do away with any confusion and give peace of mind, but keeping them organized can be a difficult, overwhelming task. A new product, Purse Scriptions, can help. A series of stackable, attachable medicine bottles, the Purse Scriptions not only organizes medications, but also enables one to easy take them along to work, school, or any place.

A series of cylindrical shaped, plastic containers, the Purse Scriptions are joined together by integrated fittings located on the containers' caps and bases. The bottom of a container is made to receive additional bottles with the cap removed. Each container measures about 1 ½ to 2 inches in length and diameter and the Purse Scriptions has a specially designed child proof cap that glows in the dark. This uppermost cap also has a sturdy, spring loaded clip for use in securing it to the zippered compartments in purses, briefcases, backpacks, and the like. This clip fastener can also be used to hang the stacked Purse Scriptions within a bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet or other easily accessed location. In addition, the containers can be color-coded in order to easily organize different medications. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional interest in the Purse Scriptions.

The Patent Pending Purse Scriptions was invented by Brittany Schlumpberger, the late daughter of Kevin and Shell Schlumpberger of Canyon Country, CA, who said, “A system of stackable medicine bottles that are easily connected together to form one, cohesive unit, the Purse Scription ensures that needed medicine is easily accessible on demand. The Purse Scriptions can be offered as an aftermarket accessory or it can be available for use at pharmacies, hospitals or other places where medications are dispensed.”

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