"The Quiet Gen": Quietly Aids Users of Portable Generators When Power is Out

​A portable generator is a vital piece of equipment that is used by home- owners and offices when there is either no power or inadequate power available. One can trust the reliability of gas engine generators and they are great to have on hand for emergencies or on a job site without sufficient power. But they are loud. The Quiet Gen is a silencing accessory and muffler to be attached to the exhaust of a portable generator. It is specially designed to reduce or eradicate excessive noise, as well as filter emissions. Featuring a replaceable filter, the design intent is to provide a product that solves the problems of noise and air pollution created by these necessary units.

The Quiet Gen is a universal accessory for portable generator specially designed to reduce or eradicate excessive noise and filter emissions. It is an elongated device attachable to the generator’s exhaust port. It is made to be retrofitted to existing generators or can be placed on at the manufacturing level.  Once it is in place it can immediately begin muffling the device’s excessive noise while capturing hydrocarbon emissions at the same time, before they are released into the air.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Quiet Gen.
The Patent Pending Quiet Gen was invented by Luke Aneke of Springfield Gardens, NY who said, “There is an increasing dependence on generators in the world today due to natural disasters and subsequent insufficient power supply. Global warming influences severe weather increasing the number of blackouts. While generators can provide power in various situations they can also cause irritation and distraction. The Quiet Gen solves the problem of noise overload as well as filtering the air pollution. And better yet, for campers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who utilize a power generator, the Quiet Gen works perfectly.”

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