"The RAYR-Mobile App": Allows User to Search and Find Item in Desired Location for Temporary Use

The RAYR-Mobile App is a software application for smartphones designed to enable consumers, as well as commercial establishments, to rent things – tools, equipment, camping or sporting goods, from snow-blowers to snowmobiles, jet skis to tents, to cars to boats – to one another. The RAYR-Mobile App would bring people or establishments with such things together with those desiring the temporary use of such things, generating income for the one and saving money for the other.

The RAYR-Mobile App functions somewhat in the manner of Craigslist – as a localized clearinghouse in which those looking to rent something, and those looking to rent something out, would be brought together. The first screen of the app features a welcoming RAYR-Mobile App logo, followed by a simple explanation of the app's features. Next, it proceeds to a Search page in which to enter the articles desired, for example a pressure-washer, automotive tools, or camping equipment. The user would then enter their desired Search Radius in miles, searching all listings within five miles, 10 miles,
25 miles. At this point, the app produces all listings for the desired articles and permits the user to contact the “seller” to arrange the details. The app lists the article(s) for rent with a description, as well as the rental period and the price. The app can also function for the transfer of funds. Once a transaction has been agreed upon and completed the user goes back to the RAYR-Mobile App to rate the transaction and the “seller” on a five-star rating system. Memberships are offered on a multi-tiered basis from Free to Master or Platinum.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in RAYR- Mobile App. 
The RAYR-Mobile App is Patent Pending and was invented by Kevin Gabriel Reina of Chicago, IL who said, “This app is beneficial to all users, buyers, renters or a seller. It is a convenient and easy method to obtain articles and equipment needed for a limited time without having to purchase an item outright. It is a win-win outcome for all participating parties saving a buyer money and generating income to the seller.”

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Source: Invents Company


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