"The Refrigerated Microwave": A Unique Portable Battery-Powered Combination Microwave Oven And Refrigerator

"The Refrigerated Microwave": works when outdoors camping or traveling as well as during power failures.

The ability to power appliances can create problems for certain users. This new product will benefit those who are outdoor enthusiasts as well as homes where power has been lost. The Refrigerated Microwave offers consumers a unique portable battery-powered combination microwave oven and travel refrigerator. It is equipped with rechargeable battery’s and folds into a compact package when not in use. The Refrigerated Microwave is idea for travelers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts, as well as for householders concerned with surviving power outages following electrical storms, hurricanes or whatever other event.

This device, the Refrigerated Microwave. presents consumers with a portable device that combines a portable refrigerator and portable microwave oven into a single unit. The operative features of the device are similar to those in a household. Unlike those devices however, it features a folding collapsible construction and folds down upon one another to form a relatively flat, rectangular or square package. It also has an auxiliary adapter for use with a vehicle's cigarette or auxiliary power-port. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Refrigerated Microwave.

The Patent Pending Refrigerated Microwave was invented by Julius Larry of Jersey City NJ who said, “This is ideal for every user and is furnished with a carry-bag with accessory compartments for the power-cord and adapter. A sturdy handle is build into the top of the unit for easy moving when transporting the device. It works.”

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