"The Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair": User-Friendly Allowing for Independent Bathing

Professional caregivers or family caregivers often have a difficult time dealing with and caring for an individual with limited mobility. Bathing creates the need for the caregiver to use caution while helping a person into the bathtub, as well as the need for strength. And, most individuals prefer to handle a bath by themselves when possible. One way to solve this problem is to utilize the Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair. This is a specially designed, remote controlled, motorized booster seat for use in a shower or bath. The design intent is to safely assist the elderly and others who suffer from limited mobility in getting in and out of a bathtub. When lowered down into the bathtub the seat back will recline to allow for an easy, comfortable and relaxing bathing experience.

The rectangular shaped chair is high quality waterproof material that has a seating area about 14” with a height up to 16½” when fully extended. A series of large, strong suction cups are positioned on the base to facilitate secure installation onto the floor of the tub or shower area. The seat is foam padded and covered with a durable reinforced nylon material. Metal bracing legs are swivel connected in a crisscross pattern and sheathed in waterproof plastic material. The legs of the Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair lead to the base, which is a metal framed track bordering the unit on both sides. Also protected with plastic, the track serves as a guide for the legs as the seat is adjusted. The Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair is operated by a small, motorized hydraulic pump. Connected to the chair track via tubular hosing, the pump is controlled by a remote operating device located on the arm of the chair. The pump’s remote control features a button that positions the seat’s “Up” or “Down.” Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair. 
The Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair is Patent Pending and was invented by Audrey C. Askins and Norma J. Smith of Chicago, ILwho said, “The Remote Bathtub Seat/Chair is versatile and allows users to complete bathing in a pain-free and confident manner. It is conducive to an easy transfer to and from the bathtub and works equally well for those requiring aid from a caregiver. It is strong and user-friendly and it works.”

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