"The Remote Control Heated Wipers": Melts Snow and Ice in Ungaraged Vehicle During Frigid and Inclement Weather

​Drivers living in the northern climates where winter weather is a given will benefit when utilizing these new windshield wipers. No longer will one have to scrape ice and brush snow prior to driving away.  The Remote Control Heated Wipers is a line of specially designed, remotely controlled, heated windshield wipers. Whether activated before entering the vehicle or while inside it, the Remote Control Heated Wipers will melt away snow and ice in an easy and expedient manner, leaving wipers pliable and the windshield clear. Since the wipers are remotely operated, drivers can activate them before going out in or having to struggle in freezing temperatures and cold winds to accomplish a clean view.

The wipers look like standard windshield wipers and are comprised of rubber components sheathed in a light metal material. The heating coils are integrated and run the length of the blade holder. The wipers are wired to the on/off switch inside the vehicle with the heating element controlled via a remote control. And can be activated while inside or from outside the vehicle. The wipers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various trucks and automobiles as well as boats, planes and more. They are easy to install, heat up on command and facilitate removal of ice and snow build-up on the wipers and the windshield.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Remote Control Heated Wipers.
The Patent Pending Remote Control Heated Wipers were invented by Raymond Prieto of New York, NY who said, “The potential for a disastrous accident is always possible and even more so during frigid weather. A rushed driver who cannot see well through the windshield can end up in a collision. My product enhances driver safety as well as convenience. Going from a warm cozy environment to inclement weather is no fun and worse when having to clear ice and snow from windshield.  Better yet, leaving the heating element on while driving ends accumulation while on the road.”

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