"The Remote Ring": Convenient and Time and Space Saving

Times change, and products improve. Accepting various changes makes life much easier and simpler. Such is the case with the Remote Ring. It is an all-in-one, keyless-entry, proximity system in the form of an attractive line of adjustable and customizable, one-size-fits-all finger rings configured to wirelessly lock and unlock doors and other locks, such as home, automobile, or pad locks upon approach. The Remote Ring is convenient, space saving, and virtually impossible to lose. The Remote Ring eliminates the need for consumers to carry a multitude of keys and key fobs while making it a snap to lock and unlock doors and other locks on automobiles, lockers, and many other locking devices for which keys have traditionally been necessary.

The Remote Ring is a compact, attractively styled finger ring with a three-quarter length adjustable band and a rounded top featuring an internal RF (Radio Frequency) transmitter powered by a pill-type lithium-ion battery. The Remote Ring can also be custom designed and sized by the wearer. The transmitter chip is programmable using the provided manufacturer code or via a dedicated App on a PC or laptop, tablet, or smartphone, with the codes for a variety of locks – door-locks, vehicular locks, padlocks. The Remote Ring is designed to work with automated, keyless-entry locks, and can store and use the codes for a virtually limitless number of different locks. With the lock programmed, each lock will unlock upon approach or when the user is at a certain proximity. (Proximity systems are triggered if a transponder is within a certain distance of the lock.) When in range, the Remote Ring's RF transmitter sends the lock an RF signal to lock or unlock. The specific lock's RF receiver then acts to open or lock the lock. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Remote Ring. 
The Remote Ring is Patent Pending and was invented by Emad Shahin of Encino CA who said, “This is truly an incredible convenience.  Users will question themselves on why they didn’t think of it first because it ends the frustrated search through the contents of one’s handbag for the right key. This time it right there on the ring finger and provides the needed access without a problem. It works.”

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