"The Request Signal Transmitter-RST": Communicate Directly With Other Drivers

​If you are a daily driver, chances are there have been times when you have wanted to stop and thank another driver who has been kind to you, or you just want to warn another driver of upcoming traffic issues. The Request Signal Transmitter-RST is just the device you are looking for. It is a lighted, electronic message display system through which motorists can communicate with one another. It will display a wide variety of good natured, preprogrammed messages for the driver to select to display to another motorist. The RST could be used to thank someone, or even to apologize for cutting another driver off. This may be a way to stop a road rage incident from happening. It could be produced as a standard or optional factory equipment incorporated into the design and production of new motor vehicles, or as an add on aftermarket accessory for existing motor vehicles. 

The Request Signal Transmitter-RST when activated will display a selected message, then repeat or scroll that message for a period of time. It will come preloaded with several messages, such as, Help, Thank You, Please Dim Your Lights, etc. The driver would simply scroll the control panel for a message, and select the one needed with the press of a finger on the touchscreen. It will be very simple, and non-distracting. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Request Signal Transmitter-RST.

The Patent Pending Request Signal Transmitter-RST was invented by Lester Fountain of San Jacinto, CA who said, “There have been so many times when driving when I have wanted to just say thank you to another driver, or to apologize for careless driving, or even just to say have a great day. The Request Signal Transmitter-RST is the perfect method by which to accomplish this need.”

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