"The Retaining Device": Keeps Eyeglasses in Place Preventing Slips, Slides and Falls

​​If one wears eyeglasses, they’re familiar with the expense and subsequently the difficulty of keeping them in place on the face/head, particularly when jogging, running or outdoors in temperatures creating the body to perspire. To have them slip off a person's head and shatter is heartbreaking and a hit to their finances. With the Retaining Device, eyeglasses are held at a comfortable spot close to the head to prevent them from slipping and breaking.

It is a set of eyeglass holders designed to attach close to the temples of a pair of eyeglasses, curving downward, and securely holding the eyeglasses in place on the face and head. The Retaining Device will be similar in appearance to the temple tips of the glasses. They will be made of a soft, non-allergenic rubber or soft, pliable plastic. The Retaining Device joins with the frame of your eyeglasses to securely hold them in place near your head.   

The Retaining Device is completely invisible to onlookers because it conforms to the curvature of the ear. Whether an individual’s hair is long or short one’s hairstyle remains intact since the Retaining Device does not come in contact with any part of the hair, unlike the tangles often created by unsightly eyeglass strings. It will be situated in just the right place by the user, and keeps glasses from slipping off one's face when bending over, or during any physical activity even when perspiring. It also helps adjust the frames on a person's ears when their ears are uneven.

By using The Retaining Device, one effectively extends the life of their glasses, and they remain in like-new condition, saving money in the long run. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Retaining Device.  

The DESIGN Patented (December 2014) Retaining Device is currently Patent Pending for a UTILITY Patent. The Retaining Device was invented by Pinna Ly and Rebecca Tecson of Glendale Heights, Il who said, “The Retaining Device facilitates ease, comfort and security in the wearing of all types of glasses—prescription, reading or sunglasses. The Retaining Device provides a custom fit to one’s face and head without unsightly strings or implements and is barely visible, if at all. It will keep glasses in place on the face and prevent them from slipping, sliding and/or falling off.”  

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