"The Retractable Barbell": Provides Optimal Workout to Improve One's Fitness and Strength

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary gives several descriptions of the word exercise, some describe it as: regular or repeated use of a bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness and/or something performed or practiced developing, improving or displaying specific capability or skill. Each description is pertinent to this new product. The Retractable Barbell is a weight assembly that consists of a barbell fitted with two attachable hanging weights which are rolled up and down around spools as the barbell is turned, using the rubberized hand grips. Working the hands, wrists, and forearms, this two-in-one barbell can also be used in a conventional manner, working the biceps, triceps, lats, pecs, and more, thus, providing weight trainers with a unique new means of achieving an all-around optimal workout.

Fashioned of a durable, heavy duty metal material such as aluminum with a chrome finish, the Retractable Barbell measures approximately 36” long.  At each end, a rubberized bicycle style hand grip provides a secure comfortable hold while the product is in use. On the inside of these grips is a coil of rope-like cord extending around 28” in length. These ropes are affixed to the bar via a durable, ultra-gripping, alligator-type clip. At the distal end of the rope, weights created specifically for the Retractable Barbell are provided. Fabricated of a polyurethane material, these circular units are filled with water by the user starting at a weight of 2.5 pounds. Additional weights are available to accommodate users of varying statures and fitness levels. With the hanging weights in place, the user rolls the Retractable Barbell, moving the weights up and down, using and strengthening the muscles of the hands, wrists, and forearms. With the hanging weights removed, traditional barbell weights can be secured to the Retractable Barbell in normal fashion, one on each side, and held in firmly in place with standard bar clamps. In this manner, a traditional barbell workout can be performed using this system to strengthen the biceps, triceps, lats, pecs, and more.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Retractable Barbell.
The Retractable Barbell is Patent Pending and was invented by Christopher Aery of Hampton Bays, NY who said, “Proper and regular exercise offers the user a healthy lifestyle and improves his or her strength. The Retractable Barbell works equally well in a professional fitness center or a home gym and performs admirably while it works.”

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