"The Roadside Emergency Kit": Protects Disabled Vehicle, a Driver and Passengers

​The Roadside Emergency Kit offers motorists a simple, effective way to protect themselves and their vehicle when their vehicle is disabled on the roadside: a high-visibility, high-reflective “caution” banner will adhere via a magnetic backing or suction cups temporarily to the vehicle, making it highly visible to approaching drivers. Alert stickers such as “CALL 911” or “DIABETIC” are also included as well as weighted road reflectors. The use of this kit should reduce “pile on” or secondary accidents while visibly alerting emergency personnel to medical conditions.

The Roadside Emergency Kit is produced as an all-in-one, self-contained kit. The various components are assembled to create a flexible banner or placard backed by the magnetic paper to adhere to the vehicle. The V92 red-and-white safety tape is glued in sections and finished with a border of ½” yellow/green reflective tape glued in place. The user assembles the roadside banner or placard into sections that are 3’ to 4’H x 4’ to 6’L when unfolded for use. It folds into a compact package in a Velcro sealed pouch for storage when not in use. A 4 X 6” mailing envelope is covered with V92 tape and filled with sand enabling it to be placed like a highway safety reflector to alert approaching drivers of the disabled vehicle. The sand holds it in place. The Roadside Emergency Kit includes several “alert stickers” for emergency use with one sticker displaying a “Call 911” message; another an “Allergic to Penicillin” message; and the third a “Diabetic” message. The stickers feature magnetic backing and can be used with or without suction cups. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Roadside Emergency Kit.
The Patent Pending Roadside Emergency Kit was invented by Fernando Reyes of Lake Forest, CA who said, “This emergency kit contains everything needed for drivers of a disabled vehicle. First responders will appreciate medical condition information too.  The Roadside Emergency Kit  is affordable and it works.”

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