"The Rod With Heating Element": Prevents Ice Forming in Freezing Weather on Handle and Line Guides

​Both fresh and salt water anglers who fish in cold weather regions will appreciate and benefit from the new Rod With Heating Element. The Rod With Heating Element improves the function of fishing rods by incorporating a battery-powered heating element into the handle or grip a well as into the line-guides. The design intent is to make the rod far more comfortable to hold in cold weather as well as prevent the formation of ice in the line guides along the rod which can otherwise jam or block the fishing line.

The Rod With Heating Element design can be incorporated into a wide variety of rods, from surf-casting rods, fly-rods, ultra-lights and even ice-fishing rods. In each case power for the heating system is provided by rechargeable (or replaceable) batteries.  The heating system will be powered and controlled by an On/Off toggle switch. In one-piece rods the system if fully concealed within the rode. In two-piece rods, the butt and tip sections of the rod are equipped with fixed, mating plugs to connect the line-guide heating wires when the rood is assembled for use.    Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rod With Heating Element.
ThePatent Pending Rod With Heating Element was invented by Ramzey Haddad of Chicago, IL who said, “Any angler who ventures forth on frosty days will benefit from this product. Sensitivity of the hands is essential in all types of fishing so the angler can feel the nibble or strike and wearing gloves pretty much defeats that ability. The Rod With Heating Element works because it does not diminish or compromise the function and utility of the rod and reel. It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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