"The Rooftop Heater": For Truck Trailers and Box Trucks

​There are over 10 million registered large trucks and approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers. Transporting freight is a year-round, day to day job and much of that travel is done in cold winter climates with accumulation of dangerous ice and snow on the truck top. This new product eliminates the ice and snow problem. The Rooftop Heater is a heating system specially designed to be secured over the top of a truck  trailer or box truck. The design intent is to provide the owners and operators of commercial trucks with a simple, safe and more effective means of removing accumulated ice and snow from the tops  of  their vehicles, thus protecting themselves as well as other drivers on the road from this icy debris.

The Rooftop Heater is a metal-based unit with a shape like the tines of a fork. It is manufactured using a series of interconnected exhaust fume heated and vented pipes that link to the truck's existing system through a flexible hose on tractor trailers; for box trucks, the system employs a special mounting system that runs up and onto the roof of this type of vehicle. Both types include booster fans that uniformly force the warm exhaust fumes through the length of the pipes and out through the series of heat output vents providing an even distribution of heat onto the roof surface and facilitating the removal of an ice and snow accumulation. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Rooftop Heater.

The Patent Pending Rooftop Heater was invented by Vincent Tomaszewski of Magnolia, NJ who said, “I have been driving trucks for many years in cold winter weather. I know that ice and snow accumulation is not only a dangerous hazard to others on the road but is also a hazard for the truck driver who must climb onto the roof to manually remove ice and snow. The driver risks both a serious fall and exposure to extreme cold. The Rooftop Heater eliminates those problems.”

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