'The Rotating Musical Christmas Tree': New Way to Enjoy the Season Competes With Traditional Caroling.

The Rotating Musical Christmas Tree is a fully-decorated, artificial Christmas tree to be produced in sizes ranging from tabletop models to full-sized, floor-standing models that are equipped with a geared motor base for rotation, and with a sound system and speakers that will play a pre-programmed set of Christmas carols, or play the user's favorites – from their phone, or the computer or other Bluetooth® device – through its Bluetooth® speaker or USB ports. Combining two great traditions of Christmas – the tree and the carols – into one, equipped, out of the box, with all the lights, ornaments and characters – Santa, the reindeer,  snowmen, angels, etc. – that one would expect to find on a well-decorated tree; and some of these characters, enlivened through animatronics, would even “sing” the Christmas carols.

The Rotating Musical Christmas Tree is produced in ceramic, glass, or molded plastic for a one-piece, tabletop model, or in easy-to-assemble metal-and-plastic kits for the full-size models. The base of the Rotating Musical Christmas Tree, in any model, features a geared electric motor that will, either through a toggle switch on the tree-base or by means of an included remote-control, cause the tree to slowly rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. It is equipped with all the lights, ornaments, and characters – Santa, the reindeer, snowmen, angels, etc. Some of the characters are enlivened through animatronics and will “sing” the Christmas carols. The base of the Rotating Musical Christmas Tree incorporates the drive-motor and is a preprogrammed “Christmas station” in the form of a built-in MP3 player loaded with traditional and contemporary carols, with a mini-USB port for downloading additional music. The base is also equipped with one or more Bluetooth speakers and USB ports, so that users can play their own collections of carols through the tree from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The remote-control not only controls the rotation of the tree but also its MP3 player, volume, and play-lists, as well as the wired-USB or wireless Bluetooth functions. With the tree on “Bluetooth” mode, the music and volume are controlled by the sending device – smartphone, laptop, or tablet computer. The Rotating Musical Christmas Tree is electrically powered. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rotating Musical Christmas Tree.

The Rotating Musical Christmas Tree is Patent Pending and was invented by Francisco Martinez Gonzalez of Los Angeles, CA who said, “The joy of the Christmas season begins with this fantastic novel tree. It displays and broadcasts holiday cheer and makes the Christmas holiday enjoyable and memorable. Music and pictures and movement all in this tree work perfectly.”

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