"The Running Shoes-Shoe Laces": Wearer's Feet Will Feel as Though They Are Wearing No Shoes at All

Physically active consumers need to have the most support possible when exercising and running. Support, traction, and comfort are important and necessary to the wearer’s wellbeing. The Running Shoes-Shoe Laces is a new and innovative design for running and other athletic shoes, in which the laces, rather than lacing over the tongue of the shoe, are laced and tied in the rear, over the heel. Offering superior comfort and a far better, more stable fit than traditional designs, the Running Shoes-Shoe Laces are the ideal choice not only for runners but for any fitness enthusiast seeking the best in athletic footwear.

The Running Shoes-Shoe Laces design, material and construction is like that of popular brands except there is no tongue and no laces on the top of the shoe. Instead, the Running Shoes-Shoe Laces feature a split heel, either side of which is equipped with top-to-bottom lacing eyelets, the laces are tied at the top of the heel. The wearer slides his or her foot into the shoe from behind and then tightens the heel laces to achieve the desire heel contour and tension between shoe and foot and tie the laces in the traditional manner. A dial and cable design for securing laces are also available like that used on snowboarding boots. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Running Shoes-Shoe Laces. 
The Patent Pending Running Shoes-Shoe Laces was invented by Stephen Roy and Shane Lunch of Piscataway, NJ who said, “The absence of top-lacing eliminates the downward and rearward pressure on the feet and the “wiggle room” at the toes – ensuring a comfortable, snug fit. As the runner's feet flex, the shoe also flexes and the runner's feet do not move around because the shoes move in perfect concert with the runner’s feet.”

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