"The S.S. Safety Surf": Always There When You Need It

One of the major internet surfboard retailers (Ron Jon Surf Shop) uses this phrase in their advertising … always there when you need it, and that statement precisely describes the S.S. Safety Surf. The S.S. Safety Surf is a specially designed detection system specifically created for installation onto surfboards, without affecting performance. The design intent is to provide surfers with ample visual and tangible warning of the presence of a shark, or any other obstacle that may pose danger.

The S.S. Safety Surf device is a small electronic unit featuring a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, and the required electrical/electronic components and circuitry encased within a durable, waterproof plastic housing. Also enclosed is the plastic housing, a small replaceable battery to be used to power the unit. Calibrated with a detection depth up to twelve feet, the S.S. Safety Surf features a sensor on the bottom of the board along with two side sensors on either side of the board, which recognize the size, motion, location, and depth of a near or approaching object, activating the warning system. The warning system consists of color-coded lighting and vibrations. As series of light emitting diodes (LED) are included to provide the visual indicator of the level of danger: green for safe, yellow for caution, and red for danger/move away. For the tangible indicator, the S.S. Safety Surf has an integrally attached vibrating cord extending the length of the surfboard, as well as a vibrating leash, both to tremble insistently at the detection of danger. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the S.S. Safety Surf.
The S.S. Safety Surf is Patent Pending and was invented by Juan Pena of Yonkers, NY who said, “Surfing is a wonderful physical exercise, but it also requires awareness to keep clear of sharks and other oceanic obstacles. This is a compact electronic device that produces a protective zone of detection around the surfer and transmits the visual and vibratory warnings to vacate an area immediately when danger from predators is a potential problem. Surfers will benefit and making time on the water even more pleasant and safe. It works.”

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