"The Safe Drive App": The No Call, No Text Cell Phone App Equals Safety on the Road

​The Safe Drive App is a specially designed smartphone app that blocks cell phone operation and texting capabilities while the device is in a vehicle in motion. It is designed to provide a safety tool to prevent motorists from calling or texting while driving and exceeding a predetermined speed such as 5 MPH. This would help prevent accidents from occurring and save lives. The app will be offered as a downloadable smartphone app that works in tandem with GPS software installed on the phone, and will be designed to determine when the device is in motion. It will be programmed to automatically disable the text function of a cell phone, as well as incoming/outgoing calls, access to the email, the internet, or any other notifications or apps when it determines that the device is moving at a preset speed, such as 5 miles or more an hour.

While the Safe Drive App is active, the system can be programmed to automatically respond to an incoming call or text with a voice or text message informing the other party that the user is currently driving or otherwise in motion, and will respond when safely stopped. In the event of an emergency, the app can be overridden by holding down a certain number and then dialing 911.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Safe Drive App.
The Patent Pending Safe Drive App was invented by John Turner and Ashley Turner of Graymont, IL who said, “The Safe Drive App will prevent motorists from texting on, or using a cell phone while driving, and ensure they keep their eyes on the road and distractions to a minimum.”

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