The Safe Traveler Pak

The Safe Traveler Pak is the perfect solution to the problems of the modern travel.

Since the devastating events of 9/11, air travel has become an increasingly stressful experience for the public. The Transportation Security Administration tasked with the mission of national security by former President George W. Bush, frequently alters it's screening procedures to address emerging threats. How can passengers follow changing government regulations and maintain control of their most valuable property? The Safe Traveler Pak is specifically designed to confidently secure wallets, small purses, IDs, tickets, credit cards, business documents, electronic devices, and expensive jewelry in one compact case. Now passengers finally possess the ability to prevent egregious theft, by airport employees, fellow travelers and opportunistic security screeners.

Exceptionally spacious for protecting all personal essentials, the lightweight ergonomically designed Safe Traveler Pak is made of a durable fabric material. It has cut-resistant handles, an enlarged zipper to deter tampering, and two metal security rings enabling locking by a (key or combination) device. A tinted airplane tail window, located on the right side of the Safe Traveler Pak allows viewing of the bag's contents, expediting the screening process. Available in a variety of attractive colors and designs, the Safe Traveler Pak also has a clear plastic rectangular pocket to house an identification card. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Safe Traveler Pack.

The Patent Pending Safe Traveler Pak was invented by a transportation security officer, Charlie Smith, Jr,. of Flushing, NY. He said, "After zipping the bag closed, one then locks it with a standard lock using the provided security rings. For further security, a locking cord can be used to connect the Safe Traveler Pak to an additional carryon. The Safe Traveler Pak is then screened through the security checkpoint, with the Safe Traveler Pak's tinted window offering a view of the bag's contents. Extremely easy to use and secured in seconds, the Safe Traveler Pak can also prove invaluable when traveling by train, bus, or other modes of transportation."

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