"The Safety Directional Vest": Provides Clear Vision During Darkness for All Users and Viewers

Whether you are a walker, jogger, runner, skater or a driver, it is vital that you know what is on the road beside or beyond you. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and an accident can be the result. However, if one is wearing this new piece of safety equipment it is much less apt to happen. The Safety Directional Vest is a battery/solar-powered, lighted safety vest or jacket intended for use by bicyclists, walkers, joggers and motorcyclists. Featuring brightly flashing safety lights over reflective materials and attachable, directional signal-light sleeves, the Safety Directional Vest dramatically enhances the visibility and directional intention – and therefore the safety – of cyclists and others who share the road with motorized traffic.

Produced in a lightweight, waterproof, reflective synthetic material in standard safety colors, the vest is available in S, M, L and XL and reinforced with triple-stitched bands or belts of crisscrossed, reflective tape featuring adjustable webbing straps and a front buckle. The vest front is clip fasteners or zippered to fasten it in place. In the lower rear of the vest is a caution triangle illuminated by orange LEDs in an easily strapped-on model. The Safety Directional Vest includes optional, attachable arm sleeves like a jacket constituting the directional signals. Each sleeve is fashioned with a line of arrow-like chevrons – directional arrows which flash in succession, down the sleeve. If turning right, the rider, walker, or runner will activate the right-turn signal by pressing the button at the bottom of the right sleeve; if turning left, the user will activate the left-turn signal by pressing the button at the bottom of the left sleeve. The ON/OFF switch for these turn signals can be mounted to the handlebars for easier access. The yellow and green directional lights encircle the sleeves. Featuring bright LEDs over a brightly colored, highly reflective sheet for ultimate visibility, the visual distance is approximately 1000+ yards. The Triangle Vest can be turned on or off or engaged with use of an accelerometer activating the lights as the brakes are applied. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Safety Directional Vest.

 The Safety Directional Vest is Patent Pending and was invented by Patrycja Andruszewski, a DPT safety consultant, of Chicago, IL who said, “It is amazing how many people from joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists and others are out in the dark on the streets and roads.  This vest transforms the torso of the wearer into a vital piece of safety equipment by displaying lights and turn signals in a bright noticeable way. It works perfectly and will save lives.”

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