"The Sandal Sock": Exposed Toes Stay Warm and Comfortable When on Display

Fashion and comfort are key ingredients when choosing shoes and the same is true of purchasing the right type of socks. This is made simple and easy when using the new Sandal Sock. The Sandal Sock is a line of specially designed socks featuring re-positional, individual toe coverings designed to cover all, some, or none of the toes, as the consumer sees fit. The Sandal Sock allows consumers to enjoy open-toed footwear from sandals to high-heels with the option to display or conceal as many or as few of their toes as they wish while remaining stylish and comfortable. The Sandal Sock is a perfect answer for those who wish to be comfortable yet have the option to reveal their toes while wearing open-toed shoes.

Sandal Socks come in different lengths, colors, patterns and sizes having an open-toed sock with a unique “toe-cap,” offering a “mini-sock” for each toe – just as a glove offers individual coverage for the five fingers. The “toe-cap” is continuous with the sock on the underside so that if the consumer desires to show his or her toes in open-toed footwear they can simply fold the unneeded portion of the toe-cap underneath the ball of the foot inside the body of the Sandal Sock. Soft Velcro® is used to keep the toe-caps in place when tucked away. An alternate option for revealing each toe is to tuck each toe cap into the sock below the toe still forming a padded surface under each toe. Because the Sandal Sock has five, form-fitting sheaths or toe-caps the consumer can show as many or few of their toes as desired.  One might wish to display his or her big toes only, or every other toe or all their toes. The Sandal Sock accommodates any configuration and can be worn with any open-toed footwear, whether casual or formal. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sandal Sock.
The Sandal Sock is Patent Pending and was invented by Rhonda Clemons of Chicago, IL who said, “The Sandal Sock is unique because each toe can be covered individually as desired by the user offering comfort, warmth, footing and a greater variety of personal style and fashion. It expands the style and comfort options considered with open-toed footwear and fits perfectly. It works.”

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