"The Screw Pen": A Stylish Deterrent to Theft of Pens From Desk Holder

​Everyone has had a pen disappear from their desk at one time or another. Quite often it never is returned and under normal circumstances that is not critical—unless the pen has been removed from a desk display and cannot be replaced easily, if at all. That will not happen with this new pen and holder design. The Screw Pen is a unique and stylish, threaded pen and base holder set, featuring a set of pens, with each pen quickly and conveniently screwing into its recessed holder in the coordinating base with the base unit serving to secure and cap each pen. The design intent is to provide a writing set that is theft resistant, neat, efficient, and decorative for both home and office use. Optional name plaques are available.

The Screw Pen itself contains the features inherent to standard ballpoint pens, constructed as a tubular device fashioned out of a durable plastic or metal material. In addition, the pens are augmented with rubberized ridges to facilitate ergonomic and comfortable use. The distal end of the unit features a thrice threaded assembly made to screw into the holders found in the base. The base is 2” to 6” in length, 2” in width, and ¾” in depth and recessed in the base is a series rounded receptacles threaded to receive the pens. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Screw Pen.
The Patent Pending Screw Pen was invented by Chelsea Williams of Houston, TX who said, “This set takes up very little room on the desk and is decorative and provides easy access to a needed writing pen. The nameplates add a bit more style. Overall the Screw Pen looks and works perfectly.”

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