"The Self Cleaning Fish Tank": Provides Perfectly Clean Aquarium Without a Struggle

​An aquarium entices all viewers in a home or a business. But keeping it clean is a time-consuming process made easier with the Self Cleaning Fish Tank. This is a line of specially designed aquariums featuring a motorized, tank cleaning and filtration system, which with its up and down motion, agitates gravel and tank décor situated in the screen tray within the tank. At the push of a button, aquarium owners can clean the tank without the struggle of old fashioned, time consuming methods. The design intent is to provide tank owners with a simpler, more effective means of cleaning fish tanks.

In its basic form, it has the appearance of a standard rectangular aquarium with all the equipment common to most tank varieties. What sets the Self Cleaning Fish Tank apart from standard tanks is the handy cleaning system. At the base, above the drain tray, is a steel mesh, cage-like tray operated via a motor which moves gently up and down and features extrusions for penetrating the immobile screen tray above. When activated the cage-tray moves up and down pushing the extrusions through the stationary screen tray creating an agitating motion. Then the debris filled water is gently pulled down through the pump into the removable water waste reservoir. When the process is complete the reservoir is removed and emptied and the aquarium refilled with fresh water.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Self Cleaning Fish Tank.
The Patent Pending Self Cleaning Fish Tank was invented by Michael Amico of Wayne, NJ who said, “Busy people often choose aquariums because they may not have time to walk a canine or take care of feline needs. Fish are beautiful and thought to easier to care for, however, cleaning a fish tank can be a dirty job and takes more time than initially thought when setting it up. Beautiful fish and tank décor aside the tank needs consistent care. The Self Cleaning Fish Tank handles the cleaning with no effort on the part of the owner.”

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