"The Self Serve Fridge": In/Out Button Provides Immediate and Unencumbered Access

​Disabilities and disease can present mobility challenges and this is also true for those who are aging. Sometimes what the world sees as a simple task can be difficult for those individuals and selecting food items when using this new refrigerator is simple and easy.  The Self Serve Fridge is an enhanced refrigerator featuring motorized shelving and drawers that can extend and retract with the simple pressing of a button. The design intent is to provide all consumers, particularly those who suffer arthritis, back pain, limited mobility or other maladies with a more practical appliance which would facilitate easy and safe access to items stored within the appliance.

The Self Service Fridge is a full-size top-freezer refrigerator configuration loaded with features like an ice production system, a base-grille water filtration system, and an internal water dispenser and can available in a dual-door system, with one side for refrigerated items and the other designated as the freezer. Unique to the Self Serve Fridge and what sets this product apart from standard appliances is its “self serve” attribute achieved via a motor system installed within the walls of the refrigerator. The motor powers the various shelves and drawers located inside the appliance and operates on tracks allowing these sections to be extended outward and retracted back in simply by pressing one of two buttons located on a touch pad that is synched to the Self Serve Fridge motor system. As such, a user presses an “OUT” button and the desired shelf or drawer automatically extends outward, permitting immediate and unencumbered access to any needed items. Crisper and other storage drawers, as well as freezer drawers operate in the same manner; automatically opening on command. By pressing the “IN” button the drawer returns to the original position. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Self Serve Fridge.
ThePatent Pending Self Serve Fridge was invented by Cherry Saunders of Passaic, NJ who said, “This makes it simple and comfortable to access perishable foods, beverages and frozen items. It eliminates the need to lean, stretch or bend to access out of reach items. The lip of the drawers are at least an inch high so when they are retracted back forth, items will not fall off. The Self Serve Fridge ends hassles for every user. It works.”

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