"The Shady Shots Umbrella": A Specially Designed Patio Umbrella

Invents unveils "The Shady Shots Umbrella" where everyone clamors to the outdoor area to play "spin & drink" under the shade.

Commercial enterprises are always considering new ways to advertise. Publicity can be a great possibility as is 'word of mouth' and this is particularly helpful to the open restaurants, bars and taverns where patrons enjoy visiting while having a drink. The Shady Shots Umbrella will impact the patron as well as the establishment and it will also works just as well in homes with outdoor pools or patios.

The Shady Shots Umbrella is a specially designed patio umbrella configured with spinning capabilities and is pre-printed with drinking game directives. When the umbrella is spun by its designated handle the spinner is to follow the instruction where the spin stops. It comes complete with dangling shot cups. Users are directed to either chug a beer or take a whiskey shot, spin again or other fun directives. It provides fun for the users and also displays company logos or advertises certain types of beverages. It is a great incentive for drinking establishments that have available outdoor dining and drinking. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Shady Shots Umbrella.

The Patent Pending Shady Shots Umbrella was invented by Salvatore Quinto of Staten Island, NY who said, “I am a bar owner and I designed and developed the Shady Shots Umbrella for friends sitting outside under an umbrella where they can chug a beer or do a shot. Spin and drink under the shade has never been more apt than when using the Shady Shots Umbrella. It is entertaining and fun and is just as easily used in the backyard or patio of a home.”

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