"The Shingles Remover": A Time-Saving Tool When Replacing a Roof

​Certain roofing jobs such as removing shingles, are labor intensive. It is faster and far easier when using this new tool designed and developed by a long-time roofer. The Shingles Remover is a specially designed, serrated, steel blade tool outfitted with hydraulic power to aid in the removal of asphalt shingles and the nails which secure them. With the hydraulic pump and fluid serving to vibrate the Shingles Remover tool, the design intent is to provide professional roofers, construction professionals, and do-it-yourselfers with a much simpler method of removing stubborn shingles and nails from roofs.

The Shingles Remover is handheld tool to aid the removal of most standard asphalt shingles and nails for installation of new shingles. It is made of heavy-duty material with a durable steel blade, configured to rapidly vibrate backward and forward via a dual hose attached to an external hydraulic compressor. The dual hose system serves as one line in and one line out from the hydraulic pump to the blade handle. The blade has a series of heavy duty steel teeth, appropriately spaced to easily “grasp” screws or nails. The hydraulic pump is electrically powered with an A/C power cord. The tool also can be battery-powered using a rechargeable battery pack. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shingles Remover.
The Patent Pending Shingles Remover was invented by Peter Turtillien of Bridgeport, CT   who said, “This is a practical alternative to using shovels, spades and similar tools to manually pry shingles loose. The Shingles Remover is efficient and it works.”

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