The Shower Backboard With Cleansing Bristles

The New Shower Backboard cleans the back, shoulders and chest with ease when showering or bathing.

The ability to be able to scrub and clean all of those hard to reach places on thebody, such as the back and shoulders is a vital part of personal grooming when showering. This new device allows just that type of cleansing. The Shower Backboard is a rectangular plastic board, equipped with a waterproof, double-sided, adhesive backing on one side and replaceable, flexible bristles on the other. As the title suggests, the Shower Backboard is affixed to a wall within one's shower or tub enclosure, thus enabling the user to easily scrub his or her back and upper body, regardless of upper-body infirmity. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Shower Backboard.

The Patent Pending The Shower Backboard was invented by Keith Andrews of East Stroudsburg, PA. Once the Shower Backboard is in place and assembled, the bather simply soaps up in the shower, presses his or her back or chest against the bristles, then sways from one side to the other in order to scrub and wash.

The Shower Backboard can be used to effectively wash all areas of the back, shoulders and all areas of the chest as well - an important advantage for anyone who experiences lack of shoulder, arm, or general upper-body mobility. Elderly consumers will appreciate the help that the Shower Backboard offers, and the number of elderly consumers is steadily rising as the post-World War II "Baby Boom" generation ages. Every consumer young or old should appreciate the convenience represented by the Shower Backboard, since virtually no one is sufficiently flexible to fully wash their own back. Available in a variety of colors to compliment virtually any bathroom decor and easily installed (without tools), the Shower Backboard should find a wide and enthusiastic reception in the consumer markets.

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