"The Shower Flosser": A Time-Saving and Affordable, Unique and Useful Accessory

Invents introduces "The Shower Flosser" which provides oral hygiene while in the shower rapidly and with ease.

​Personal dental and oral care reminds many of the appearance he or she makes to others. To many people good dental care is akin to making sure one’s shoes are polished and shine brightly at all times. The Shower Flosser offers consumers a time-saving and affordable, unique and useful accessory for household showers.  It is a handheld, jet-pulsing dental flosser that operates off the shower’s water supply line.  The Shower Flosser rapidly and thoroughly will clean between the teeth and below the gums maintaining dental hygiene while saving consumers both time and effort. Who could ask for anything more?
 The Shower Flosser also cleans dental appliances such as caps, implants, bridges, dentures and more. The device is a handheld, non-motorized pulsing-jet flosser fabricated in molded thermoplastic and has a flexible hose connected to the shower’s water-supply pipe. It has an on/off thumb operated pushbutton and several types of flossing tips, thus giving the consumer a range of choice amongst the effects and comfort of the different tips.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shower Flosser.
The Patent Pending Shower Flosser was invented by Richard Teemsma of East Meadow, NY who said, “Anytime one can achieve better dental hygiene is important. The Shower Flosser accomplishes just that. The jet-flossing action enables the user to jet-clean between the teeth and below the gum-line, essential in preventing gingivitis and tooth-decay. It works.”

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