"The Shrink Pack": a suitcase With An Air-Removal Pumping System That Collapses The Case, Diminishing Its Overall Dimensions

"The Shrink Pack" enables user to pack all needed items and allows hassle-free check-in.

The size of a gift package does not determine the value of the contents. In this case, instead of talking about a gift, it is a new kind of luggage. The new Shrink Pack is a suitcase equipped with an air-removal pumping system that collapses the case, diminishing its overall dimensions depending on the contents instead, thus allowing it to fit into smaller spaces and cramped storage. The suction machine can be either plugged into an outlet or operate on battery power.

Removing the excess air from the packed items allows the contents to collapse. The casing is made of either fiberglass or leather and each Shrink Pack contains an inner polyethylene bag and a discrete air pump, which, when activated, removes the excess air between clothing and other items in the bag size due to the lining of neoprene which contracts and expands depending upon the contents. The Shrink Pack comes in varying sizes from 30x19x12 inch luggage to traditional carry-on size. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Shrink Pack.

The Patent Pending Shrink Pack was invented by Michael Forbes of Skillman, NJ who said, “The old comment of good things coming in small packages could be true in the case of The Shrink Pack. For those who travel by air, the difficulty of getting a bag under the seat is always rather daunting and it is just as bad in the space above the seats. The Shrink Pack will handle your contents wherever needed. It works perfectly!”

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