"The Shuffle Slipper": This Paper Towel Has It in the Pocket

​The Shuffle Slipper is the latest improvement in paper towel design and comes packaged on a roll.  Unruly stacked paper towels or booties in a box are a mess of their own, but the familiar feel, convenient design, and ease of a roll means the Shuffle Slipper is ready when you need it. Everywhere!

Simply a paper towel with a pocket. The pocket helps resist bunching and keeps it on the foot while making the familiar shuffle to pick up a small mess without the trouble of bending over and getting your hand involved.  The Shuffle Slipper eliminates the need to search for a mop for small spills and works as a dust mop if worn while simply shuffling around!  Keep clean areas clean by placing a roll at each end of the path. Just tear a slipper from the roll, toss it to the floor, put your toes in the pocket, and, you know the shuffle!  The Shuffle Slipper is the perfect solution for hospitals and industry as well as in the home!

The Shuffle Slipper is intended to be manufactured with a minimum of change to the tooling, processes and materials currently in use, making the time to market shorter and the return on investment greater.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shuffle Slipper.

The Patent Pending Shuffle Slipper was invented by Timothy Mohrman, an R & D innovator of La Quinta, CA

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Source: Invents Company


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