"The Simple Baby Bottle for Milk Powder": Prepare Baby Food Faster!

​It is very hard to concentrate when you have a small baby crying to be fed. The Simple Baby Bottle for Milk Powder can make this process faster, and easier on the parents. It is a specially designed baby bottle configured to separately house the water in the top portion, and powdered milk in it's removable base. You just have to hold the bottle upside down, give the base a twist, and the powder is released into the water. You then just need to shake the bottle thoroughly to mix. It is intended to be a mess-free, fast, simple and convenient means of preparing a baby bottle at home or on the go. 

The Simple Baby Bottle for Milk Powder will be similar in appearance to the standard baby bottle, and will accommodate 8 or 9 oz. of prepared formula. The exterior of the bottle will have measurement markings enabling the user to easily fill the bottle with water. The Simple Baby Bottle for Milk Powder will be an invaluable product on the go when in need of a quickly prepared bottle. You can keep several of these filled and ready to go at any time. Using this product will eliminate the need to carry bulk cans of concentrated formula with you when away from home. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Simple Baby Bottle for Milk Powder.

The Patent Pending Simple Baby Bottle for Milk Powder was invented by Leonardo Lazo of Elizabeth, NJ who said, “This will make is easier for parents on the go to feed their babies. When the baby is crying, it is stressful for the parent trying to get the formula ready, my idea will make it easier for them both, baby and parent. It works.”

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