'The Six Pack Holder': Improved Packaging Design Aids Environment and Wildlife

Recycling plastics conserves energy and natural resources and it saves landfill space along with addressing potential dangers for wildlife. Recycling is simple and easy when this new product is in use, and best of all, it makes it easy to separate from the rest of the bottles.

The Six Pack Holder is a plastic six-pack holder like those found around bottled water, soft drinks or beer. The improved design is what makes the Six Pack Holder different from traditional plastic holders. It features micro-perforations that make it easier to remove an individual bottle from the rest of the six pack. The perforated ring remains with the plastic bottle so they can be recycled together. This will facilitate and encourage recycling and reduce the lethal threat to wildlife posted by ordinary plastic rings.

The Six Pack Holder is produced in LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) just as conventional holders are and is produced to hold the bottles together for easy carrying. The Six Pack Holder is also produced in heavier, High-Density Polyethylene for recycling rather than for relatively rapid photo-degradation, as is LDPE. The Six-Pack Holder can be configured to hold six, eight or more plastic beverage bottles or cans. The plastic between the rings and around each bottle is scored or micro-perforated to retain sufficient integrity for carrying the full six-pack and provide sufficient ease in separating a bottle — and its attached ring collar — from the pack for recycling together. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Six Pack Holder.

The Patent Pending Six Pack Holder was invented by Scott Lucas, Sherri Stark and Andrew Pomerantz of Oceanside, NY, who said, “This is an environmentally friendly solution to the long and vexing problem posed to wildlife by the conventional plastic holder. It eliminates the threat to wildlife and makes it much easier to grab the beverage from the plastic holder.”

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Source: Invents Company / The Six Pack Holder


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