"The Skater": Move With Fun and Comfort in This New Type Scooter

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes a scooter as—a child's foot-operated vehicle consisting of a narrow footboard mounted between two wheels tandem with an upright steering handle attached to the front wheel. But wait—now there is a fun and comfortable scooter called the Skater that is for both kids and adults. The Skater is an augmented kick scooter featuring adjustable handle bars, adjustable seat, and a spring-loaded platform. The design intent is to provide a more user-friendly scooter model for adults and kids alike and one that reduces impact from bumps while riding the scooter for fun, fitness, or necessity.

The Skater is manufactured of durable, weather-proof aluminum or ABS plastic material. The platform rests on two wheels and extends about 26”L x 6”W and contains two of the Skater’s unique features. The front of the platform is adorned with a cushiony, adjustable seat to allow users to relax and ride once the scooter has gained momentum. The platform is enhanced with a series of high-tinseled springs, made of UV-inhibited, monofilament polypropylene basket weave mesh. These springs give the Skater buoyancy, lending the unit an aerobic aspect while better traversing tough terrain. The vertically positioned handlebars at the front of the unit are adjustable, extending upward to 54” with a width of 15” and even with its enhanced features, the Skater is ready for use in a matter of seconds. Once a rider adjusts the seat and handlebars to a preferred height he or she need only hop on, push off, and go. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Skater.
The Skater is Patent Pending and was invented by Lanford Mills of the Bronx, NY who said, “The Skater is more comfortable and safer to enjoy than the traditional scooter. It reduces shocks and alleviates pressure, facilitates freedom of movement and range of motion. It equips the rider with a tool that allows any age user to enjoy the movement of the modified scooter design. It works perfectly.”

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