"The Slicer": Cuts Perfect Sized Pizza Slices Every Time

​Have you heard these words at the kitchen table when having pizza?  Hey, yours is bigger than mine! Disagreements and arguments about the size of the pizza slice ends when this new product is in use. The Slicer is a food preparation accessory that is specially designed to cut an entire pizza into perfectly sized portions all at one time with a simple push of a button. The design intent is to provide both professional and domestic pizza chefs with a simple, fast, and effective means of slicing their pizza creations into equal portions each time and every time.

The Slicer is a circular, stainless steel cutting tool featuring a series of evenly shaped sharpened blades joined in a wedge formation. The number of blades correspond to the number of slices common to small, medium and large pizzas. The stainless-steel portion is joined by a sure-grip handle sheathed in a rubberized material to facilitate a firm and secure hold. Spring-activated, the handle is centrally positioned on a base covering that encircles the blade formation. To use, the user need only to position The Slicer over the top of the pizza and using a firm grip on the handle apply downward pressure, allowing the blades to cut through the toppings and dough. When The Slicer reaches the bottom of the pizza the user slowly lifts up on the instrument to remove it. After use it is easy to clean. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Slicer.
The Slicer is Patent Pending and was invented by Joseph Navarro of Los Angeles, CA who said, “Uniform pizza slices was the objective when I designed The Slicer. It eliminates the guesswork out of manual pizza slicing and produces perfect portions for everyone. It works.”

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