"The Slip Grip": Eliminate Need for Chains or Special Tires With Use of This Unique Mat

Attention to all drivers of vehicles living in winter climates! This product has been developed to help drivers stuck and needing an aid to get out of the snow, ice or mud. The Slip Grip is a rubber mat – studded with spikes on the underside, and equipped with a ribbed, gripping surface on the topside – to be employed under the tires of motor vehicles that have become stuck in snow, ice, or mud. The Slip Grip offers consumers a quick, easy, sturdy and effective tool for getting their cars, vans, SUVs, or pickups out of a stuck situation. The Slip Grip would also roll up when not in use and be neatly stored within a companion container.

This is a special mat with studs or spikes on the underside and a high-traction rubber gripping surface on the topside. It is designed to provide the tire-traction necessary to get a vehicle unstuck in snow, ice or mud. The Slip Grip is made of natural or synthetic rubber approximately measuring 24 inches wide x 40 inches in length with the outer 4 inches of the rectangular mat beveled, creating a short “ramp” that will permit the mat to be inserted under a tire's edge, enabling the tire to climb onto the body of the Slip Grip mat. The remainder of the top mat surface has a ridged, contoured, high-traction gripping surface. The underside of the Slip Grip mat features a continuous, regular array of 4-inch metal spikes designed to penetrate snow, ice, or mud and provide an anchor for the mat. When not in use, the Slip Grip mat can be rolled up lengthwise making a cylindrical package and stored in a drawstring carry-bag. Each retail package contains two Slip Grip mats with instructions for use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Slip Grip.
The Slip Grip is Patent Pending and was invented by Maria Otero of Flushing, NY who said, “Anyone who lives in the north will quickly recognize the benefits of the Slip Grip. It is an easy-to-use and reliable tool that can be deployed when needed and gives the needed anchorage to provide the traction necessary to move out of the mud, out of the snow or off the ice without the need of a tow truck. It works.”

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