"The Smart Cook" : Not an Ordinary Crock-Pot!

​Imagine having a crock pot that is the combination of a refrigerator and a slow cooker in one, and is adjustable using a smart phone app. The safety features make it different from anything on the market by being cool to the touch, lightweight, and heats the food quickly. It is programmable through the appliance, or through your smart phone. The Smart Cook is a slow cooker that looks like the traditional one, but will house the heating and cooling units as well as a stainless steel copper base insert pot. It will be available in 2 sizes, with 4 or 6 quart internal pots, and could have optional insulated sleeves in various patterns. It will indicate on the display panel whether the WIFI is sufficient to connect to your smart phone app, giving great flexibility. There will also be a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter for keeping the food warm.

The Smart Cook will keep food cold when it is not cooking, and will heat to 165 degrees within 20 minutes, making the cooking process much safer. It will then adjust to the programmed temperature. The Smart Cook comes with a smart probe to be inserted into a portal in the lid to make sure the food temperature is at a safe eating range. The Smart Cook will also be cool to the touch, eliminating burns from touching the appliance. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Cook.

The Patent Pending Smart Cook was invented by Barbara Crim, and Elaine Locker of Chicago, IL who said, “We love that The Smart Cook allows the home chef to prepare a meal when convenient for them, and will also keep the meal refrigerated until the desired meal time. The use of the app feature on a smart phone can accommodate to anyone's schedule, and allows the meal to be perfectly cooked under any circumstance.”

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