"The Smart Dip Station": Be Smart, Dip With No Pain, Just Gain

​The typical dip stations in every gym have parallel bars which sometimes make it uncomfortable to perform a free standing dip. This design on the Smart Dip Station is a departure from that design, and makes it more comfortable on your shoulders, hands and wrists by allowing for a wider variety of gripping positions, thus targeting the triceps better. The Smart Dip Station will be made from powder coated, heavy gauge steel. A central column will be height adjustable by a foot pedal with locking pin and hole fittings. The joint holding the V bar will be attached with a pivoting joint, which will be tightened and loosened by a rotary knob. A step to assist the user to get into the dip position would also be included. 

The Smart Dip Station's angled and adjustable bars create a V rather than the usual parallel dip bars which will provide a wider variety of gripping positions, and decrease the strain on your shoulder joints. This will help with exercisers who suffer from joint pain. Fitness and health conscious consumers will appreciate the sturdy and stable construction of the Smart Dip Station. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Dip Station.

The Patent Pending Smart Dip Station was invented by Michael Cambridge of Bronx, NY who said, “The product targets the chest and triceps more directly, and places less stress on the shoulder joints. It would also be adjustable in height unlike many gym dip stations, making it ideal for male and female users of any stature.”
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Source: Invents Company


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